Welcome to Litex™, Inc. — an advanced electronics company established in 1996 to develop and commercialize products offering cost-effective solutions to complex industrial and consumer needs.

The Corona Discharge Device™ (CDD) — the first in a series of new technologies to be developed by Litex — is a promising new technology solution in the fight against harmful automobile emissions and air pollution.

Air pollution is a significant problem in many of the world’s cities. Health advisories and smog alerts are regular events in many large cities in the United States. Automobile emissions are a major contributor to air pollution.

Major emissions reductions have been made by the automobile industry with the introduction of the catalytic converter and by improvements to engine design. However, to meet increasingly stringent standards imposed by worldwide regulatory agencies in a cost-effective manner, new technology is needed to provide substantial emissions reductions with fuels that will be available over the next decade.

No such technology has surfaced until now.

The CDD has the potential to cut harmful emissions by more than 50 percent. It makes existing catalytic converters work more effectively and more tolerant of the sulfur content of gasoline.

We encourage you to learn more about Litex and the CDD.

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